Compare Digital Polarimeters

Compare Digital Polarimeters

The P-2000 is designed as a customisable polarimeter with various options for different applications and budgetary requirements. The system can also be field upgraded as application requirements change.

Click on model for detailsWavelengths Light source High-speed, accuracy Instrument control
P-2000 great value, General purpose measurementSingle wavelength
546nm Hg lamp or 589nm Na lamp 6°/sec Intelligent remote module (iRM)
P-2000High performance optionsWide range of interference filters (8-position) from UV-VIS to NIR
Up to two light sources can be installed (WI, Na, Hg) Resolution of 0.0001°, Angular range of up to ±90° Spectra Manger II software with optional CFR version

See the Spectra manager software – operating system which is common to all models.

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