Compare UV VIS

Compare UV VIS

The V-700 series consists of five models designed to meet a wide range of applications and budgets. With an innovative optical design and over 20 dedicated software programs to support the user, the V-700 series offers high accuracy, performance and reliability.

Click on model for detailsOptical SystemWavelengthsBandwidthsAbs range
V-730 Great value, Ideal for QC and teachingDouble beam
Single monochromator
190 – 1100nm 1nm fixed -3 ~3Abs
V-750 Versatile for routine and researchDouble beam
Single monochromator
190 – 900nm 0.1 – 10nm-4 ~4Abs
V-760 High Absorbance measurementsDouble beam
Double monochromator
187 – 900nm 0.1 – 10nm-4 ~6Abs
V-770 Wide wavelength UV/VIS/NIRDouble beam
Single monochromator
190 – 2700nm Optional 32000.1 – 40nm-4 ~4Abs
NIR -3 ~3
V-780 Highly sensitive NIRDouble beam
Single monochromator
190 – 16000.1 – 20nm-4 ~4Abs
NIR -3 ~3

See the Full range of Accessories for gas, liquid and solid samples
See the Spectra manager software – operating system which is common to all models.

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