FTIR Spectrometers

Whether it’s routine QA/QC, teaching or research, JASCO’s range of FTIR spectrometers provide a cost effective solution for busy laboratories. Check out the range below. Quick Model Comparisons.

JASCO Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometers measure the amount of IR radiation that absorbed or transmitted by the sample that can use to identify and quantify organic material.

The JASCO FTIR-4000 and FTIR-6000 series offer a compact design and reliable operation with the highest signal-to-noise ratio. Rapid-scan measurement enables the instrument to perform multiple scans per second providing real time analysis of reaction kinetics. A highly sensitive and stable DLATGS detector is standard for all JASCO instrument models. The working range can be extended from the visible to far-IR by switching various optical components, such as source, windows, beam splitter and detector.

Spectra manager software is designed for ease-of-use and enables one computer with one set of software to control multiple instruments (e.g. UV-VIS, FTIR, CD, Raman) saving money and operator time.

Check out the range below. Quick Model Comparisons

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