JASCO Software

Powerful, cross-platform design

Spectra ManagerTM II is the latest version of the JASCO software that controls an entire range of spectroscopy instruments, from one computer. This eliminates the need to learn multiple software packages and offers the user a time-saving benefit. UV/VIS/NIR, Fluorescence, FT/IR, CD, Polarimeters and other types of data files can be directly compared, processed, and printed together or exported to other software packages (Excel, Word, etc.). Each spectrometer has a range of standard and optional measurement programs for data analysis, diagnostics and validation.

Flexible display features

User friendly features include customisable user interface, toolbars and flexible handling of spectral and time course data in 2D and 3D. JASCO Canvas is a powerful reporting package that can be used to produce customisable report layouts.

Data Processing and Spectral Analysis

Multiple types of data files from different spectrometers (UV-Visible/NIR, FTIR, Fluorescence, etc.) can be viewed in a single window, and processed using a full range of data processing functions. Features include peak location, arithmetic operations, derivatives, peak integration and processing, smoothing, baseline correction, etc.

Macro Command
The Macro Command application is used to develop tailored programs for many types of experimental design including measurement protocols, data acquisition, complex post-run data processing and reporting, etc.

Spectra ManagerTM CFR provides secure access and compliance features for 21 CFR Part 11; system access requires a user name and password which are assigned by the Workgroup Manager and individual Access Levels determines the access to Administrative Tools. Three levels of electronic signatures are required including a creation, review, and approval stages. An audit trail is assigned to every data file recording any data manipulation on spectral data.

A startup window lists available resources, such as instruments, measurement and application programs. User access requires a Username and Password, assigned by the Workgroup Manager.

Access Rights Control
System access levels for Administrator, Power User, Limited User and User are defined.

Electronic Signatures
There are three levels of electronic signatures: Creation, Review and Approval. Electronic signatures are applied to spectral data files, Canvas templates or documents, instrument parameters and analysis methods.

Audit Trail for System and Applications
The system and application history are automatically recorded.

Audit Trail for Data Files and Parameters
Audit trails are recorded for every data file, recording data processing for all spectral data. Records are also made in the audit trail for instrument parameters, Canvas templates and Method files.

IQ Accessory Recognition

IQ Accessory Recognition automatically recognises the sampling accessory when inserted into the instrument sample compartment. The IQ System can be programmed for any commercially available sampling accessory.

KnowItAll JASCO Edition

All JASCO FT/IR spectrophotometers include the Sadtler search software package, KnowItAll informatics System, JASCO Edition, which enables you to search and access reference spectra, build databases with spectra and property information, and generate high-quality reports. The package includes SearchIt, AnalyzeIt, RefineIt, DrawIt, ReportIt, MineIt and reference database of 12,000 chemical and polymer spectra is standard (except LE versions) and with 3 month access to HaveItAll with 260,000 IR spectra.

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